MBA on the go. A more productive use of your travel time?

03-November-2014 15:21
in Strategy
by Admin

Shockingly, 75% of professionals have never received any formal business education and they worry that there are big gaps in their business knowledge. However, the vast majority of these individuals say that they are too busy to undertake any traditional business course (such as an MBA) in order to enhance their commercial awareness and improve their business acumen.

To meet this challenge we have developed a range of new apps for the iphone and ipad that use short videos to explain the most up-to-date concepts taught by the world’s leading business schools on MBA courses.

Once installed the apps require no internet connection. This means users can learn the core MBA principles whilst they are on the go - including on the tube, train, plane etc.

A pilot group of our users reported that on average they studied 40 minutes more each week by watching the videos either during travel time or any other downtime not usually deemed to be productive.

Want to give it a go? Install the free MBA app (Module 1 in the course) on your ipad / iphone now and continue to learn wherever you go:



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